Having Dinner with Clients

One of the ways to strengthen relationship with clients is having dinner together. Unfortunately, some business owners often make their clients feel disappointed when having dinner because they come late, choose inappropriate restaurant, wear wrong cloth, etc.

If you are a business owner who also plans to have dinner with your clients, you have to prepare everything perfectly so this way can run smoothly. To help you avoid mistake when doing this activity, apply several tips below: Continue reading “Having Dinner with Clients”

Learning Leadership from Experience: Narrative and Storytelling

Narrative and Storytelling By accidentally bumping into the narrative approach I discovered a potential solution to the problem of making explicit the imperceptible leadership learning that occurs through our lived experience. Narrative is argued to be most appropriate for exploring tacit knowledge (Wengraf, 2001) for the following reasons: Continue reading “Learning Leadership from Experience: Narrative and Storytelling”