Having Dinner with Clients

One of the ways to strengthen relationship with clients is having dinner together. Unfortunately, some business owners often make their clients feel disappointed when having dinner because they come late, choose inappropriate restaurant, wear wrong cloth, etc.

If you are a business owner who also plans to have dinner with your clients, you have to prepare everything perfectly so this way can run smoothly. To help you avoid mistake when doing this activity, apply several tips below:

Call and remind clients

Call you clients, minimum three days before you hold dinner event so they can spare their time. If they are still busy, you can reschedule this event and look for the right time.

If they want to attend this event, don’t forget to remind them a day before you have dinner with them so they don’t forget their appointment. This is important to do, especially if clients have tight schedule.

Choose the right restaurant

Be careful of choosing restaurant because clients have different taste. Thus, make sure that you choose the right restaurant. For example: if your clients are Spaniards, you should choose Spanish restaurant or restaurant that provides Spanish foods and beverages. Don’t forget to book the restaurant earlier so you can get good place. If possible, you can hire musicians to entertain your clients.



Finish your office jobs as well as you can

Finish your office jobs as well as you can before you go to restaurant so you can enjoy having dinner. In contrast, if you still have office jobs, you can’t get the mood.

Take a bath and dress up as tidy as possible

To freshen your body and mind, take a bath before you go and then dress up as tidy as possible. Wear tidy cloth, especially if you choose a luxurious restaurant. Remember not to use perfume and makeup excessively unless you want to make clients feel uncomfortable.

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