Rebuild Relationship with Children

My relationship with my children was so bad last year. This happened because I prioritized my job that made me spend most of my time outside. Even, I did not take care of them well and know their achievement at school. At that moment, my children really hated me, so our relationship was broken. I really regretted my mistakes and apologized to them.

If now, your relationship with your children is bad because of your jobs and you want to rebuild it, apologize first and then do these:

Attend events at their school

If teacher parties invite you to attend school events, such as: drama, dance competition, soccer tournament, and so on that involve your children, you have to attend those events, especially if you have free time. By doing this, your children will get motivation and spirit when seeing your attendance. Don’t forget to support them, so they can do their best and become winners. What if you have to meet your clients when those events are held? Inform your children that you come late or postpone meeting your clients.

Invite children to go on vacation

Don’t make yourself busy with your jobs on weekend. Forget your jobs and have fun with your children by inviting them to go on vacation. You can go to beach, museum, zoo, water park, and other interesting tourism places. Keep in mind to look after and keep an eye on them as well as possible. If you and your children want to taste certain foods, make sure that you choose the right foods, especially if your children have allergy.

Help them get school achievement

No matter how busy you are, you have to remain paying attention to their achievement at school. If they get difficulty in getting school achievement, help them as well as you can by using the existing services. For example, if you want to help them in understanding foreign language on textbook, use textbook translation or use custom writing service if they need help in writing assignment.

Honestly, by doing these, now my relationship with my children is better. Thus, give a try!

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