May Additional Stimulation Trigger Lower Mortgage Rates? (2)

So the major questions are: will this stimulation function, and what impact will it have on mortgage prices? The 2nd query is probably the most easily handled, therefore let us begin there. Theoretically, extra relationship buys in the Federal Reserve should cause mortgage rates to diminish. Extra interest in treasury records developed by Provided buys should make the costs of the notes.

This can create the return on those bonds to fall. Mortgage rates usually follow treasury yields, so should mortgage rates, therefore, if yields fall.


But, we’ve seen mortgage rates reach alltime lows for the past one month. It is completely feasible that QE2 is already cooked in the cost of ties, as everyone already wants it to happen. Mortgage prices may just transfer appreciably when the dimension of the stimulation is considerably higher or smaller than the marketplace needs, if this is really the situation.

Whether QE2 may achieve success in revitalizing the market is a far more challenging question, and that I left my crystal ball at home nowadays. Paul Krugman of the Ny Times has implied that people desire $8-10 billion worth of QE.

This appears improbable to occur. Views in the efficacy of financial plan for alleviating our present scenario change. Interest rates are near zero for much more than a year, and also the market is still fighting. Only time may tell, but it’s completely feasible that the Federal Reserve is just pushing on the string here. The following Federal Reserve meeting happens Nov 2-3, therefore we’ll learn more at that point.

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