Having Dinner with Clients

One of the ways to strengthen relationship with clients is having dinner together. Unfortunately, some business owners often make their clients feel disappointed when having dinner because they come late, choose inappropriate restaurant, wear wrong cloth, etc.

If you are a business owner who also plans to have dinner with your clients, you have to prepare everything perfectly so this way can run smoothly. To help you avoid mistake when doing this activity, apply several tips below: Continue reading →

Key Lessons of Learning Leadership Experience (6)

Key Lessons6For example, work by Avolio and Luthans (2006) identified the importance of ‘trigger moments’, Bennis and Thomas (2002) highlighted ‘transformative experiences’ that shifted an individual’s identity, and Janson (2008) identified the significance of ‘leadership formative experiences’ – often attached to emotional incidents. Continue reading →

Key Lessons of Learning Leadership Experience (4)

Key Lessons4The significance of observational learning to leadership development is rather understated (Kempster, 2006, 2007, 2008). There is no specific focus on a deeper understanding of the processes of influence relating to these notables, good or bad or a temporal perspective as to when notables had influence: for example, earlier or later in people’s careers. Continue reading →

Key Lessons of Learning Leadership Experience (3)

Key Lessons3It has been identified that the relevance of intervention and its impact was greater when it occurred at, or near the time of a significant learning episode. Burgoyne and Stewart (1976), Davies and Easter by-Smith (1984) and McCall et al. (1988) and later McCall (1998) placed emphasis towards greater salience of leadership learning as a consequence of contextualization through hardships, notable people, change of environment or difficult role assignments, rather than general de-contextualized learning through information transfer in classroom settings. Continue reading →