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What’s Your Particular Objective in Public Places Speaking?

It’s very important to create your general-purpose before you even begin the creation of one’s material, when it comes to… Continue reading »

What Exactly Does a Successful Leadership Involve?

Leadership can be called by us as a process of leading, an action of leading by one or more organizations…. Continue reading »

The Great Management Skills a Leader Should Possess

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Learning Leadership from Experience: Narrative and Storytelling

By accidentally bumping into the narrative approach I discovered a potential solution to the problem of making explicit the imperceptible… Continue reading »

Learning Leadership from Experience: A Problematic Beginning

The first pilot interview occurred with a colleague, John, at the University and this was significantly unsuccessful. Not because of… Continue reading »

Transformational Leadership: Can It Be Developed?

The prominence of ‘new leadership’ in the form of transformational and authentic leadership has been indentified before. Exponents of this… Continue reading »

Leadership Development: Reflection Rather Than Training? (2)

He argues that just because someone goes through an experience, it does not mean that they have learnt from that… Continue reading »

Leadership Development: Reflection Rather Than Training?

Drawing on Conger’s (1996) and Burgoyne et al.’s (2004) concerns about the efficacy of leadership training, and linked to Day… Continue reading »

Leadership: Need for Contextualization

Various reviews of leadership best practice (James & Burgoyne, 2001; Fulmer & Wagner, 1999; Conger, 2004) have highlighted that although… Continue reading »

Leadership Development: an Act of Faith? (2)

The lack of empirical evidence on leadership development emphasizes significant question marks on the efficacy of interventions and the return… Continue reading »